Monday, November 17, 2014

Run Less Run Faster: Week Three

While week three was only a slight build in mileage from week two, I'd go so far as to say it was a break-through running for me! I just finished reading The Sports Gene (review to come!), and one of the main points is that different people respond better to different training methods. After feeling really down on myself for performing poorly with Hansons, I now feel like it was the training method - not me.

The RLRF workouts are still pretty difficult, but I'm able to execute them while still maintaining a very positive mental attitude. I look forward to each run and sometimes even feel a little antsy. (I felt quite lost on Friday without a workout to do!) A common complaint I saw about RLRF was that people to start to miss their easy runs, but I haven't noticed that yet. The track workouts and tempo runs include warm-ups and cool downs, and the long runs feel comfortable for awhile at the start, so I feel content.

I've mentioned it a bit, but work is pretty busy this month (I'm not really working extra hours, but the hours I am there are incredibly stressful), and RLRF has been a great balance. Other training plans worked great when I had the flexibility and time of a college student, but RLRF is meshing with my grown-up work schedule in a very pleasing way.
Faramir took a longer nap after my long run than I did!
Monday, November 10
500 yd swim

It was back to nothing but kicking in the pool, which makes me feel sort of dumb but is a killer workout. Fatigue really set in about halfway through, but my legs felt good and flushed when I was done.

Tuesday, November 11
AM - 5.1 mi total (reverse ladder: 1200-1000-800-600-400)
lunch - lift

This was the first track workout I nailed this training cycle, and I was thrilled! Don't get me wrong, each repeat was incredibly challenging, especially since I only had 200 M to recover, but it helped to know each repeat would only get shorter. This was the proof I needed that I'm training for an appropriate goal time.

Wednesday, November 12
500 yd swim

Repeat of Monday's workout. I had to go earlier than normal to accommodate a 1 PM meeting, but I somehow only had to share a lane, even though it was the typical busy period.

Thursday, November 13
lunch - lift
PM - 7 mi tempo (10:05 min/mile)

I had gone to bed Wednesday night on time, but I wasn't able to sleep until a lot later due to my neighbors randomly being noisy. Apparently 10:30 is the time to vacuum and do dishes, as well as scream into your cell phone outside while letting your dogs bark non-stop. (I cannot wait to get a house!) The point of this is I opted to get enough sleep rather than force myself to get up in the morning.

When I did my first distance training cycle (for my first half), I did almost all my runs at night under the stars after work. It felt good to get back to that on a clear night Thursday. My tempo pace was 9:38 min/mile, which I expected to feel hard, but I felt surprisingly in control and strong the whole time. Plus my life was enriched by watching a wasted bro peeing in a parking lot at 6 PM.

Friday, November 14

Saturday, November 15
17 mi long (10:56 min/mile)

I was a little nervous going into this long run, after I felt less than stellar last week. I carbed it up a lot more Friday night, and that seemed to make the difference. My legs were beat at the end, but the pace felt easy, rather than challenging. I also switched things up and did a lollipop route, rather than a pure out-and-back. This helped break things up mentally, and the run seemed to go by fairly quickly.

I checked just for fun, and near the end of my first marathon training cycle I had done a 17 mi long run  - and I only averaged 13:20 min/miles! Granted I had run the day before and it was in the 70s then, but it feels great to see how far I've progressed in a year! I need to come back to this whenever getting to a BQ time seems impossible - I just need to remember to give it time!

Sunday, November 16
Slow Flow Yoga

Our instructor broke out a new playlist and with it a new set of poses. While the previous sequence was fine, this new set really dug dip into my lower and upper back, and it basically destroyed my hips before putting them back together. I felt thoroughly wrung out and relaxed when we were done.

Run Miles: 29.1
Swim Miles: .6
Lifting Time: 42 mins
Yoga Time: 60 mins
Total Time: 7:38

This week is still going to be wild at work, but it helps knowing it's my last full week this month! I'm still excited to keep tackling my workouts and moving forward with my training. These last three weeks have flown by. Before I know it, I will be soaking up the sun in Myrtle Beach. I better hang on to that mental image, since we're slated for snow all week!


  1. Great week of workouts! I wish I had the motivation to get in the pool for some cross training. I know it's beneficial but it's hard- mentally and physically!

    1. Getting in is definitely the hardest part, especially in the winter! It's nice to get a non-impact workout though after hard runs, so I do my best to push through it.