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The main goal of this blog is to provide a resource (and maybe entertain) those who also want to complete 50 Marathons in 50 States. Despite the fact that there is a club dedicated to this, I could find surprisingly little when I was contemplating this challenge. I've collected everything I've been able to find in here in hopes it can help others.

Do you know of something about the 50 States that should be included in this list? Shoot me a note, and I'll add it! The more the merrier.


50 after 40 - Extremely detailed race reports.

50 by 25 - Written by the record holder for the youngest woman to complete the 50/50. Lots of race reports are missing, but the ones there have good course details.

50 Half Marathons in 50 States - Tons of race reports (for both halfs and fulls), which have details about travel and tons of pictures.

50 Marathon Challenge - Written by the previous record holder for the youngest woman to complete the 50/50. Now defunct, but each race report has a post rating the race and a post about the actual race experience.

The Boring Runner - The 50/50 challenge is not the main focus of this blog, but it always makes me laugh.

Inverted Sneakers - I love this blog because she likes to run obscure races like me!

T-rex Runner - Hands-down my favorite blog, it's absolutely hilarious. Focuses on the experience of races rather than the nitty-gritty details. If you only click one link on this page, make sure it's this one! (And make sure you have plenty of time, I read the entire blog in one sitting.)


Marathon Training Academy - Some episodes available in iTunes, back episodes by subscription only. 50/50 is not the main focus, but there's an episode for each marathon and occasional discussion on other episodes. It's a fun, informative podcast, even when it's not directly related.


50/50 by Dean Karnazes - A great, quick read about Dean Karnazes experience running 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days. It's more a discussion of his experience rather than the marathons, but it's great for motivation.

More Information

Marathon Guide - This is my bible and my obsession. It will allow you to bore wow your family and friends with obscure marathon knowledge. The race reviews are indispensable.

Marathon Maniacs

50 Staters Club

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