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Welcome to My Eager Feet!

My name is Rebecca. I'm a 20-something living in Cleveland. Running is my biggest passion, but I also enjoy hiking, camping, swimming, and playing with my cat, Faramir.

I always wanted to be a runner, but I wasn't successful until the summer of 2011. I started with 5Ks and eventually progressed to tackling the marathon. While I love how dead tough I feel after a speed workout, there's something about long distances that really speaks to me.

I created this blog to document my journey to run a marathon in all 50 states (and hopefully all seven continents). While there's so much information out there about running, I've really struggled to find resources about others working towards the 50 States. (I've created a tab with everything I could find. Please let me know if you have something to add!) I hope I can provide some insight into what this crazy journey is like.

I would love to hear your feedback! You can email me at my eager feet @ gmail . com (spaces omitted), follow me on Twitter @myeagerfeet, on Instagram as myeagerfeet, or feel free to simply leave a comment.

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