Saturday, July 13, 2013

If It's Good Enough for a Raffle, It's Good Enough for Marathoning, or My Quest to Run the 50/50 Challenge

This is probably the ugliest logo I've ever seen in my life:

It took me forever to realize that's a cat. I usually still pretend it's a blob.
Yet this blog is going to chronicle my adventures on earning the right to sport this image on an obnoxious yellow jersey and then subjecting people in 48 more states to the cat-blob.

The I have no money beginning level of the Marathon Maniacs is Bronze, requiring two marathons in 16 days or three marathons in 90. Obviously, since I'm not crazy, I'm doing the first option. I've registered for the Sleeping Bear Marathon the first Sunday of October, and I will (knock on wood) run the Mount Desert Island Marathon two weeks later.

At this point you must be contemplating my vast stores of running experience that have prepared for this goal since birth. I'll stop you now before you hurt yourself. (Hint: I've only run races at least 13.1 miles twice. And my second runversary is still circled on my calendar.)

So, clearly I'm super qualified to tackle the 50 marathons in 50 states goal.
See, Squidward knows.
Despite my probably flawed totally sound logic, I'm really excited to tackle this challenge. Long runs are my favorite workouts on the planet. (I didn't cross out anything in that sentence because I'm actually being 100% serious.) I've been incredibly fortunate to have parents who are unwilling to travel abroad, because I've seen some really awesome places in America I would never have seen otherwise. (Still being serious here.)

It's probably going to take years to complete this goal: A) because I want to pick the "best" marathon in each state (dear RDs, stop putting all your races in March) and B) because I'm about to become a poor graduate student followed by being a poor young professional.
Beans don't count themselves, but that doesn't mean people are lining up to make it rain.
I'm really lucky though in that I have other people willing to come along on this crazy adventure with me. I mean, how many people have a boyfriend who thinks a marathon on Valentine's Day is the bee knees or a friend who specifically requested a marathon for her bachelorette party? My parents aren't competitive runners, but they're perfectly willing to listen to me yammer on and on about racing.

But I know not everyone is as parentally indulgent interested, so I'm hoping to make this blog a way for people to follow along with me without wanting to tape my mouth shut to make it stop. (I will happily expound on any race I've ever seen on Marathon Guide, you've been fairly warned.)

And now you're probably asking why you should care, since I already told you my first marathon is almost three months away. I'm glad you asked. I was also dumb adventurous enough to sign up for my first triathlon, and you're in luck, because it's only a week away! (See previously discussed Squidward gif.)

So stay tuned to watch me flail around in three sports instead of just the usual one.
I'll leave you with this preview of me coming out of the water.

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