Sunday, February 23, 2014

Crossroads Training: Week Seven

This week was my third week of three in this build stage. Physically I feel fine, but I did lose some motivation towards the end. I'm really looking forward to a step-back week!

(I realize this post looks super obnoxious without pictures, but I wouldn't know what to do with my phone while I actually worked out if I lugged it around to take pictures of my shoes. And I refuse to take post-workout selfies because I have principles.)

Monday - 4 mi easy
My legs still felt very fatigued from my 20 miler the Saturday before. It felt good to shake them out a bit, but the built-up track makes it hard to get all the kinks worked out.

Tuesday - NROLFW Stage 3 Workout 3B
After a long day of doing nothing at work, I just wanted to curl up with Faramir at home. I made myself go anyway; I can't say I felt better afterwards, but I'm glad I went.

Wednesday - 7 mi tempo
I didn't hit my tempo pace right away, but my average worked out properly. I think if I want to hit the right pace off the bat, my warm-up needs to be a little faster.

Thursday - 4 mi easy
I ran a little faster than I probably should've since my legs were tired from the day before, but we were having a winter sleetstorm, and I just wanted to get home. I thought I fueled properly, but I crashed during the last mile.

Friday - NROLFW Stage Workout 4A
I actually sat in the parking lot for a good 10 minutes and debated just driving home. I really wanted next Friday to be a rest day when a friend comes, so I made myself suck it up, buttercup. There were surprisingly few people there, so it actually was relatively relaxing. I could feel a lot of fatigue in my legs and had to go lighter on some exercises, so I just focused on effort level.

Saturday - 16 mi long
Despite the rest of the week, I was pretty motivated to crank this one out. I feel like this is the longest distance I feel comfortable properly pacing myself at. For some reason breaking it into four four-mile segments makes it possible for me to mentally push through the fatigue without worrying I'm going to hit the wall. Other than my normal back issues from running on such a hard surface, I felt very good the whole time and got progressively faster as I went.

Sunday - 3200 yd swim
I was extremely sore in my hamstrings and glutes and was tempted to rest instead, even though I know swimming helps flush all my muscles out. The swim sounded long to start with, but each rep was so short that it went by relatively quickly. My tris felt totally done with about 300 yards to go, but I was happy with the swim overall.

Run: 31 mi, 5:38
Lift: 2:17
Swim: 3200 yd, 1:30
Total Time: 9:25

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