Sunday, March 2, 2014

Crossroads Training: Week Eight

This past week was a step-back week and did it ever feel great. I know building for three weeks is typical for most plans, but I've never done it before, and I can definitely feel a difference in my fatigue levels.

Monday - 6 mi easy
My calves were feeling very tight after my long run, but the track goes the same way on Saturdays and Mondays, so I didn't feel that much better afterwards. I did stay long enough that the basketball games below me finished, and the following peace and quiet helped me recharge.

Tuesday - NROLFW Stage 3 Workout 4B
This was the last workout for Stage 3 of NROLFW! I wasn't exactly looking forward to repeating the sequence again, but I was motivated to complete the stage. The music at the gym was a lot quieter than normal, so I could comfortably listen to a podcast the whole time, which helped stave off the boredom.

Wednesday - 6 mi easy
I wasn't super thrilled to run six miles at the track again, but I felt a lot more fluid in my hips than I have in a long time (probably inhibited by the banked turns). The track was a lot more crowded than normal, so it was probably for the best I was doing an easy run instead of speed workout.

Thursday - 6 mi easy
Another day, another six mile run.

Friday - rest
Rest day! I took a day off from lifting and watched BBC on Netflix with my friend instead.

Saturday - 6 mi easy
I can't even begin to describe how great it felt to only have to run six miles on my long run day. I didn't necessarily go that much faster, but I had a spring in my step.

Sunday - 2800 yd swim
I had a great time swimming with my friend (and not just because I didn't have to share my lane with any weird people). It was so nice to know no one was going to crash into me, plus we hit up the sauna afterwards. We were going to use the hot tub, but it had no water? Still don't understand that one.

Run: 24 mi, 4:25
Lift: 1:08
Swim: 2800 yd, 1:15
Total Time: 6:48

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