Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Day in the Life: October 28, 2014

Something I've noticed popping up in the blog world is "Day in the Life" posts. I think they're a lot of fun because I'm a stalker they make me feel like I'm in middle school doing Xanga surveys again. Only instead of writing a bs answer for who my crush is (you know who you are ;)), I'm showing you pictures of my food. So pretty much the same thing.

I thought today would be a fun day to do a post, since it's my first day getting up early to run for this training cycle. I'm happy to report that, other than during the hours I normally would've been sleeping, I didn't feel tired or worn out. I'm sure it helps I actually set myself up for success by creating a morning and evening routine last week - and stuck to it - and that I made myself go to bed at 9:15 last night.

I'm looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow though, that's for sure!

5:45 AM: Alarm goes off. I'm a little confused why it's ringing so early, but after checking my texts and emails, I roll out of bed.

5:55 AM: Wash my face, brush my teeth, and get dressed for my run.

So selfie, much awkward.
6:08 AM: Out the door to run. I'm a few minutes behind my schedule, but I needed that time to get my tummy good to go. I'm slated to do a mile WU, three mile repeats with 400 jogs, and a mile CD.

7:17 AM: Return home from run. Not fueling or hydrating before heading out was a huge mistake, so after nearly vomiting following the first repeat, I just aimed to get in the mileage at an easy pace, so the run took a few minutes longer than planned. You would never know because it's still pitch black out. I drink a glass of chocolate milk and go through my stretching routine.

7:45 AM: Hop in the shower and get myself presentable for work. Call my hair good when it's about 80% dry.

8:12 AM: I corral Faramir after he sneaks out the door with me, and I'm off to work.

8:30 AM: Per the usual, I get stuck behind someone who thinks driving 35 in a 45 is acceptable. (This is a giant problem in my town, and it drives me bonkers!) Finally settle in to my desk for the day.

8:34 AM: Eat my overnight oats while checking my email. I'm sure productivity experts would say this is the worst, but I find it relaxing and it lets me get a handle on any additional tasks that need to get done that day.

10:08 AM: Get all my new emails dealt with and stop to snack on half a green pepper.

11:08 AM: The green peppers didn't really hit the spot after running, so I munch on two clementines.

Only got a picture of the remnants, I was so ravenous.
11:30 AM: I still feel ravenous, so I eat my sandwich early. It takes a little more work to cook my own buffalo chicken for lunch, rather than just buying something from the deli, but it's so much more delicious and filling!

12 PM: Leave work for the gym.

12:16 PM: Dressed and ready to go. Once again, the front desk person didn't put my wristband on tight enough, and it's flopping all over the place.

12:45 PM: Workout is finished. Towel off the bit of sweat and change back into my work clothes.

1:02 PM: Back at my desk. Enjoy some chocolate milk as a recovery drink. (My coworker assured me this was a delicious rather than dorky idea.)

2:50 PM: Crank through my to do list and stop to snack on some peanut butter crackers. They're whole wheat, so actually pretty filling.

4 PM: Join a group of my coworkers to work on crafting our Halloween costumes for the office-wide contest on Thursday. Two teams in my bay are combining: the bosses are being Pac-Man and Mrs. Pac-Man, while the rest of us are being ghosts or fruits. We make great progress and get the ghost bodies and eyes cut out. We have a really stressful few weeks coming up next month, so it was great to have a few moments to relax together.

5:12 PM: Jet out the door.

5:28 PM: Arrive home to my favorite kitty. Once again got stuck behind someone going 35 in the 45.

5:39 PM: Put my PJ's on (great benefit to working out in the morning!) and heat up dinner. Catch up on blogs while I eat.

6:08 PM: Do dishes, pack my lunch for tomorrow, and feed Faramir for tomorrow while listening to Freakonomics Radio. I've realized I avoid/hate these chores because I get bored. That podcast is really informative and engaging and makes the time fly by.

6:39 PM: Once my daily chores are done, I do some weekly cleaning. I keep Freakonomics Radio on and get the bathroom and kitchen clean, plus I sneak in dusting.

7:15 PM: Take my second shower of the day. It feels a little wasteful, but I think I would be far too gross at work if I only showered every two days.

7:35 PM: Draft up the majority of this post with ESPN on in the background. Ecstatic to see the Playoff Committee has put MSU at #8!

8:15 PM: Watch an episode of the Walking Dead. I started this show with all my extra time in the offseason, and I'm hooked. I despise the zombie craze (I just don't get it!), but TWD really focuses on the people and the survival, and it doesn't even use the z-word. A bonus is that it's not even too scary for me to watch alone.
Anyone know where I get the first few episodes of Season Five online? I didn't DVR it!
9 PM: Throw some background TV on and participate in my first Twitter chat! I've been wanting to take the plunge for awhile, and when I saw this morning that Mizuno was giving away free pairs of Wave Riders 18s via FitFluential, I knew this was the perfect moment. The chat was so much fun, and the hour flew by!

9:45 PM: I take a quick break to make a mug of tea. This is the only blend I could find at Meijer that was decaf and chamomile free.

10:15 PM: Brush my teeth and crawl into bed. I read a few pages of The Sports Gene, which Eager Feet Dad lent me. It's fascinating, and the writing is very engaging.

10:45 PM: Lights out. Faramir crawls up on my lap, and we're asleep in minutes.

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