Monday, December 15, 2014

Run Less Run Faster: Week Seven

I didn't mean to leave anyone hanging without my post (because I'm sure everyone sits around just waiting to read about my training!), but I've been struggling with the holiday blahs right now (which I do plan to post about), and it's been throwing off my normal schedule and routine. I still have the energy to go to work and do my workouts, but I don't necessarily have much left over for anything but watching Netflix after that.

I am happy to report that I made it through the first week of the holiday celebrating with missing only one workout (and it was my optional yoga, so it's only half a miss!). I also was dismissed from my first jury duty summons without ever having to report and got my other summons deferred to mid-March! This is a huge weight off my mind.

We've also been blessed with some amazing weather - think high 30's, low 40's - making my outdoor runs much more pleasant than I ever expected in December. They're just now predicting some snow on Christmas Eve, so I might still get a white Christmas out of it too, so I'm very happily having my cake and eating it too, right now.

Monday, December 8
1350 yd swim

The assigned swim for the week was very challenging for me - a reverse pyramid alternating fast and slow repeats, building from 25 to 75 yards, and back down again. Last week I wasn't sure if I was in shape for the swim portion of a sprint tri, but this workout had me swim 450 yards consecutively three times, so I guess I'm fitter in the pool than I thought!

Tuesday, December 9
lunch - lift
PM - 1 mi WU, 6x800s @ 4:24 w/ 90 sec jogs, 1 mi CD - 5.8 mi total

I didn't think the 800 repeats sounded like the most difficult track workout going in, but I just felt off the whole time. I did have two cookies soon before the run, so I'm not sure if I had a mini-sugar crash or what. While the total average pace was 4:24 per repeat, it was 4:12 excluding the last repeat, so I'm pretty happy with my performance.

Wednesday, December 10
1350 yd swim

I was worried how sore my triceps would be after lifting the day before, but the DOMS went away after a few laps. If anything, I felt stronger this day than on Monday.

Thursday, December 11
lunch - lift
PM - 1 mi WU, 6 mi @ 9:37, 1 mi CD - 8 mi total

Thursday was my first of four work holiday parties. There was a short event after work with apps and drinks at a local hotel. I devoured enough apps to make a meal, but I also fell into the trap of wanting to be "cool" and drink like all the other kids. I had the bartender make my drink very weak, but all its weakness nearly came back up with some meatballs on my run. Lesson learned - never drink and run.

Friday, December 12

Michael drove up, and we went to BWW. Because I hadn't done enough eating yet.

Saturday, December 13
13 mi long @ 10:26

I was very nervous going into this run - the pace just seemed so fast to me! I figured I would try my best and could always slow down if needed. Michael also had 13 miles on the schedule, and the pace wasn't nearly as hard for him, so it was really nice to run with him, especially since he could hold up a conversation and help take my mind off the pain. I was so proud of myself when I finished!

Afterwards, we went to my second work holiday party. The venue does weddings, so the food and location were excellent. I only had one shot and two mixed drinks the whole evening, but I discovered (spoiler alert) the next day that that was still too much for me!

Sunday, December 14

I skipped my yoga class to spend more time with Michael (yay!), but didn't do any yoga on my own because a terrible delayed hangover hit me in the evening (boo!). Now I remember why I don't really's just not worth it to me (since I'm a total lightweight). I felt pretty bad for missing a planned workout, but I'd say missing one (optional at that) in seven weeks, is a good record.

Run Miles: 26.8
Swim Miles: 1.5  
Lifting Time: 43 mins
Total Time: 6:27

It felt really good to have a step-back week. I have some tendonitis and a weird spot on my ankle that are bothering me, and I think the rest did them some good. I'm worried my chiro will still make me cut back on running when I see him Wednesday, but I'm going to cross my fingers and then ignore his sound advice.

It'll be another big eating week - one holiday party for work and two retirement parties. (Thank God I'll be missing the potluck brunch!) However, everyone was polite enough to plan the parties around my workout schedule, so I don't anticipate having any trouble getting everything in.

I'm super stoked for this week as well because The Hobbit premieres tomorrow night! I'm still not sure why it's coming out at 7 PM on a Tuesday, but I'm rolling with it. I opted for the 9:45 showing to see it in 2D, so it will still feel "late" but won't make me feel like death since I normally go to bed early. I decided to treat myself and take Wednesday morning off work to sleep in, rather than feeling like death all day.  I hope all the excitement can propel me through my 400s tomorrow evening!

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