Monday, April 20, 2015

Weekly Training Recap: 4/12 - 4/18

Phew - this past week has been draining in all sorts of ways.

First, I found out the most experienced person on my team at work is leaving. (And I heard whispers that the second most experienced person is too, meaning my most knowledgable coworker will have only been there six months.)

Then, some nagging jaw pain became so strong I was nearly in tears. I finally localized the pain to my ear and was up until 2 AM at the emergency room to get diagnosed with an ear infection. I'm feeling much better now, but the very late night combined with the antibiotics sapped a ton of my energy.

And obviously, we still had our trip to Virginia to run the Blue Ridge Marathon, which is the toughest course I have ever run, and I hope it is the toughest I will ever run. I am wiped at this point and ready to catch up on some much needed sleep this week!

Sunday, April 12

I went for a walk, but I don't remember much about it. I think the weather was nice?

Monday, April 13
2 mi easy, 11:12 min/mile

Michael and I actually ran together. I went a little faster than normal, and it was fun to catch up on our days while we ran. Plus Michael motivated me to get right out the door after work, rather than flopping on the couch and wasting time.

Tuesday, April 14
3 mi easy, 10:59 min/mile

Wedding drama has already started (making a guest list sucks!), and I used this run to get some of the emotion out. I still felt just as bad when I was done, but at least my pace was good!

Wednesday, April 15

I went for a walk and enjoyed the flowers. Nothing bloomed until Mother's Day weekend last year, so it's refreshing to have a real spring!

Thursday, April 16

I went for a walk, and as I was finishing, my jaw pain was really bothering me. I took some Motrin when I got home, but I was still about a 7 on the pain scale an hour later, so at 10 PM I went to the emergency room by us. I wasn't released until 1 AM, and I went to the 24 hour pharmacy to get my antibiotics, so I wasn't in bed until 2 AM. It sucked.

Friday, April 17

I ended up using an extra hour of vacation to get some more sleep, but I still ended up with about five hours. On top of that, the pain pills (Tramadol) prescribed to me made me feel absolutely awful. I came close to puking at my desk three separate times. Luckily it wore off by the time I left work and Michael was amazing enough to do the first part of the drive, and I felt so much better when I woke up!

Saturday, April 18
Blue Ridge Marathon, 6:41

I'll obviously be writing a more detailed recap of the race, but let's just say it was way harder than I was expecting, but also way more beautiful. If you're willing to totally throw your time out the window, I can't recommend the race enough.

From the top of Roanoke Mountain
Run Miles: 31.2
Total Time: 7:36

We went for a short hike today, which helped clear some of the junk from my legs, but they still feel really tired. I'm looking forward to having a relaxing week to recover. My goal is to do a few short runs, but I'm also going to listen to my body. The roads were sharply tilted at Blue Ridge, so both my knees are a little cranky. If I need to spend some extra time on the couch to heal them, I will (gladly) do so. Hopefully by next week I will be healed and ready to go!


  1. So glad you could appreciate the beauty of the course! Not every race needs to be fast - can't wait to hear all about it though! Hope your knees feel better soon :)

    1. My knees already feel better today, hopefully in another day or two they will be 100%. It felt weird to hang out at the summits for a few minutes, but I wanted to soak in the views I worked so hard to get.

  2. Sorry you had such a tough week leading up to the race! I've heard it is really tough but worth it. I would love to give it a shot one year. Hope the ear is all better!

    1. I think the only thing that still hurts from the ear infection is yawning - I'm just glad I caught it quickly before it got really nasty. The race is awesome, and I'm sure you would still manage a really good time on it.