Sunday, May 3, 2015

Weekly Training Recap: 4/26 - 5/2

After taking a complete week off following the Blue Ridge Marathon, this week I got back into the swing of training. I'm so glad I listened to my body (for once) because I was excited about getting in my workouts again, rather than dreading them. My legs were a little more tired than normal, but nothing horrible to complain about.

This week was also exciting because we toured some homes! Knock on wood, but we're now working with our realtor to put in an offer on one we love. Our realtor said to not expect to take possession until mid-June, but our mortgage broker said if we go through a credit union, we could close in two weeks.

Luck would have it that the home we like is move-in ready, so I'm hoping with all my might things go well, and we will have our home sooner than later! I know I might have to miss a workout or two to make it happen, but I'm prepared to do that. This is way more important!

Sunday, April 26

I enjoyed my last day off from training by going for a walk. It was an absolutely gorgeous sunny day. I think I still needed a jacket, but the dose of vitamin D was amazing.

Monday, April 27
PM - 2.9 mi hills, 11:01 min/mile
PM - NROLFW Stage 1-A

After work I headed to the gym to do some hills and weights. I tried a new hill workout, where I did sets of:

90 sec MP @ 6%
1 min recovery
1 min MP @ 7%
2 min recovery

It really kicked my butt, but I think it was a great workout to get me into shape. The effort level is supposedly the same as my 5K race pace, but it didn't beat up my body nearly the same as normal intervals do for me! I did three sets, and I plan to add more as I go.

Tuesday, April 28
AM - 900 yd swim
PM - 6 mi easy, 11 min/mile

My legs felt awesome for the first two miles, but then dead for the last four. This is normally how I feel when I start running after a marathon, so while it sucks, I know to expect it. I also figured out how to run to the nearby metro park via sidewalks!

Wednesday, April 29
AM - NROLFW Stage 1-B
PM - 3 mi easy

I stuck to my guns and actually did a 10 minute spinning warm-up before I lifted. It made a huge difference in how I felt, and I wish I had done it sooner! I was also pleased to see when I spun on a normal bike, I could keep up a decent pace.

Thursday, April 30
PM - 800 yd swim

This swim was 8x100 at a tempo pace. I worked really hard and got each 100 under 2 minutes, except for the last one (which I missed by less than second!). I'm not making excuses, but I felt really blah after I got through six of them, so I think I need more calories before a tougher swim.

Friday, May 1

It was a beautiful day out, but Michael and I spent the evening at the theater to see the new Avengers movie. We treated ourselves to a popcorn dinner, and the movie was a lot of fun. Obviously disappointed that the Tom Hiddleston cameo was a lie, but you can't win them all.

Saturday, May 2
Jog into Spring 5k, 27:14

Yes, for anyone keeping score at home, that is a 5K PR! (My chip time was 26:44, but the course was .05 short, so I adjusted my time based on my average pace. I actually had to do that with my last 5K PR too....)

I hadn't raced a 5K in a long, long time, and I was really nervous in the couple days leading up to the race. I always get this irrational fear that I will forget how to run (I know, right?!), and I worry about blowing up. I won't spoil the full recap, but I'm obviously thrilled with how I did! It was a great way to kick off my Saturday.

Run Miles: 16 mi
Swim Miles: 1 mi
Lifting Time: 42:02
Total Time: 4:13

This week looks a little low in terms of mileage because I moved the long run to Sunday. Next week will be a lot higher because it will actually have two long runs. I want to stay conservative and try to run a 4:30 at Missoula, but I think I'm going to adjust my training paces to be a bit faster based on my 5K time. I tend to race below my potential anyway, so it should work out well. Our half is about a month away, so that will be a good checkpoint on where my fitness is.

I've also prioritized the workouts I will keep if house stuff gets crazy - swims will be dropped first, then lifting, then running. However, they said drafting the offer will take an hour on the phone, so I'm hoping I can just schedule everything perfectly!

Anything exciting happen to you this week?
How do you prioritize workouts?


  1. Finger crossed for you on the house hunt! Congrats on the new 5k PR! I always worry about blowing up in them because I am not use to running them at all. So different from marathon running! Great week. :)

    1. Running shorter distances is always so challenging - I get used to the idea that my pace should be easy at first in long races, it's weird to push right from the beginning. It was hard to trust my pace and believe I could hold it the whole time.

  2. I just raced a 5k a few weeks ago for the first time and I had the same odd thought that I would forget how to race (as opposed to just leisurely running). This week has been weird with my workouts...I don't have a normal schedule because it's exam week so I've been working out at different times. Like noon, which never happens!

    1. Michael always tries to calm me down by asking me what "forgetting to run" means, I guess I just imagine collapsing on the course .1 miles in or something. It's irrational - but I can't get past it! I always felt like exam weeks should be great because of all the unstructured time, but it sometimes was hard to get my workouts in like normal.