Sunday, August 23, 2015

Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon: Week 4

Wow, it's hard to believe training for Chickamauga is 25% done! (And I'm totally making myself forget this means I still have 75% of my training plan left....)

I mentioned last week that my energy felt a lot lower during my step-back week, and, just as I hoped, I bounced right back when I upped my training again. I could definitely feel some fatigue towards the end of my long run, but otherwise I felt great! I am eating like a horse and sleeping like the dead. After overtraining horribly on Hanson's last year, I'm keeping a really careful eye on my body this cycle, and so far, so good. My main problem on RLRF was chronic tendinitis, but my frequent foam-rolling seems to keep that cleared up as well!

Sunday, August 16

Once again, I have no idea what I did this day. Probably just totally relaxed!

Monday, August 17
AM - 3 mi easy (11:11 min/mile)
PM - 10 min WU spin, NROLFW Stage 2A-4

I did some heavy duty foam rolling Sunday night, and my legs had a weird achy feeling on my run Monday morning. (Does this happen to anyone else?) But otherwise, I felt fresh and ready to go.

Tuesday, August 18
PM - 5 mi easy (11:11 min/mile)

Ok, I think my secret superpower is running the exact same pace Mondays and Tuesdays. It was still really humid out, but cooler, and Michael and I both agreed we had really comfortable runs.

Wednesday, August 19
AM - 2.8 mi hills
PM - 10 min WU spin, NROLFW Stage 2B-4

This was a very exciting day because I officially finished stage 2 of NROLFW! I'm not sure how I did the same exercises for two months on stage 1, because after one month of stage 2, I am totally ready to try something new.

Thursday, August 20

Faramir had an emergency vet visit this day. I had huge cat mom guilt because I couldn't go with Michael because I needed my allergy shot, but I really appreciate Michael taking him. We were super worried Faramir had a UTI, but it turns out he was dehydrated (we provide him with plenty of clean water, so we're not sure why he just decided to take a break from drinking). They ended up giving him a subcutaneous injection of water - the kitty equivalent of an IV - and it was so funny! When I first saw Faramir when Michael got home, he looked like a camel, with this giant hump of water on his back. But he clearly felt 100% better and was back to his old self, so we were so glad to see that.

Friday, August 21
PM - 1 mi WU, 4 mi @ 9:54 min/mile, 1 mi CD

I waited until it cooled off to head out, and I had a great run. I took on a hilly route for the tempo section, and while I definitely need more practice pacing on hills, I felt in control and strong the whole time. I think my elevation gain for the run was 1/3 of the Chickamauga course (and over a shorter distance), so this really built my confidence for race day.

Saturday, August 22
PM - 13 mi long (11:27 min/mile)

I experimented with taking a salt tablet every three miles, instead of every four, this run, and it was not something I will be doing again! By about mile 9, I felt so bloated and had some pretty uncomfortable stomach pains. I must have been retaining too much water! I also had some cramps throughout the run in my lower abdomen, and I'm not sure why. The cramping actually persisted on Sunday, so I took an iron pill to see if that helps.

I had rented a movie Friday night since Michael went out with some friends, so I carried it to RedBox to return it on my run. This was supposed to be a quick minute break, tops, until I got stuck behind the slowest people ever! Every time they found a movie candidate, the mom seriously read the entire blurb on it, It also took her three times to figure out how to get through the pay bill sequence. I just don't get some people!

Run Miles: 29.8 mi (so close to 30!)
Bike Miles: 4.8 mi
Lifting Time: 1:12
Total Time: 7:02 (but I finally broke 7 hours!)

I'm really excited for this coming week because my best friend is visiting! I'm leaving work early Thursday and taking Friday off to have an extended weekend with her. I still need to plan a few things for a us to do, but I'm hoping my HOA gets Michael and I our pool passes in the next few days so that we can lounge at the pool!

But I'm very lucky that she's super supportive of my training, so I'm not worried about fitting my runs in. I will try to get up early Friday and Saturday to get them done - which is something I always want to do, and then get lazy about when it comes down to it. 

We're also supposed to have highs in the low to mid-70s, and I'm looking forward to having some more comfortable weather!


  1. Awesome week! Do you think NROLFW is really helping you? I love how you combine all of your time together for total workout time. I think I'm going to start doing that while I'm injured to keep myself truly putting in the time.

    1. Thanks! I think NROLFW is awesome! There is a lot of leg work, and I can really see the extra muscle, and I don't have any injuries when I'm doing it consistently. Plus I love having all the details of a strength training plan laid out for me!

  2. The Monster got sub-cu fluids when she was sick in June and it was hilarious! She looked like she had breast implants on her shoulders. Glad to hear he is feeling better.

    Great consistency on pace! Way to crank through the first 1/4 of training! :)

    1. I felt bad laughing at Faramir when he got home since I had been so worried, but it was just too funny! He kept shaking his paws off like they were wet, so it must have felt really weird.