Sunday, November 29, 2015

Off-season Recap: Week Two

Week two of my off-season really flew by! I'm sure it's partly because of the holiday week, but I can't believe it's already time to start adding in running and strength training again. We were blessed with beautiful weather, and I feel like I took advantage of it as much as I could.

I'm also very pleased that my bothersome right leg seems back to normal. Two weeks ago, I would notice some twinges while hiking. It wasn't pain, or even discomfort, but I could tell it still wasn't quite right. But I realized after my hike in Friday that I hadn't felt it at all. If running this week aggravates it again, I will back off, but I'm feeling very hopeful about my recovery!

Sunday, November 22
Hiking the Hills (Cuyahoga Valley NP), 6.3 mi

This was a very enjoyable hike on a portion of the Buckeye Trail, and it included lots of hills, as the name suggests! It sounds like one ranger leads a similar series of hikes year-round (though the name changes based on the season), so there were lots of repeat hikers, and the rangers was very popular. We also got to do a short off-trail section, which was pretty fun.

Monday, November 23
Yin Yoga for Neck, Shoulder, & Upper Back Tension Relief
Yin Yoga for Deep Relaxation and Stress Relief

I knew I would be doing more hiking in the days ahead, so I made sure to spend some time on my mat.

Tuesday, November 24
1 Hour Yin Yoga Full Class - All Levels Total Body Stretch

Wednesday, November 25
60 min walk

I got dismissed early from work at 1:30 (woohoo!), so I made sure to get out for a long walk in the sunshine. It was very pleasant in the 50's, and it was great to get some vitamin D. Afterwards, I did some Thanksgiving cooking, with a lot of time on my feet, so I was pretty tired by the time I went to bed!

Thursday, November 26
Yin Yoga for a Deep Stretch - 45 Minute Full Class for Flexibility

We didn't have to leave for Thanksgiving until 12:15, so it was nice to have a lazy morning.

Friday, November 27
Black Friday Hike (Cuyahoga Valley NP), 5.9 mi

This was another hike on a section of the Buckeye Trail. We finished about five seconds before it started raining. Thanksgiving is fun, and a great time to see family, but it was so nice to take a couple hours for myself in the morning and spend them outside in the fresh air.

Saturday, November 28
Yin Yoga for Runners - Hips and Hamstrings
Yin Yoga for Neck, Shoulder, & Upper Back Tension Relief

I did these videos while watching some late-night college football, which seemed like an excellent way to close out our three day Thanksgiving celebration. (Obviously, I had today off too, but I've mostly spent it taking care of stuff around the house!)

Walk Miles: 3 mi
Hike Miles: 12.2 mi
Yoga Time: 4:02
Total Time: 9:47

I'm really pleased with how much active time I had again this week! I don't know why I ever thought I would have to be a couch potato if I stopped running, because it's not true at all.

I did consider whether I truly wanted to add in running and strength training this upcoming week, or if I only felt compelled to because I had set that timetable before the marathon. While going for walks and doing lots of yoga has been super fun and relaxing, I have found myself craving a bit more intensity. It's been a bit harder to fall asleep a night, and I've missed the feeling of breaking a good sweat.

For this week, I am planning to run three days, strength train three days, and hike one day. I downloaded the Zombies, Run app, as well as the Nike Training Club app, and I'm hoping these "programs" will give me enough structure to keep me happy, without making me feel like a slave to a training plan!


  1. 6 miles seems like such a long hike! It sounds like it was a lot of fun though :)
    I find it comforting that you said you can feel like a slave to a training plan. I feel the same way all the time, which is why I never stay with one. I think the apps you're using will help a lot! Especially Zombies! Run, because hey, who doesn't love zombies? The sound effects on that are so legit!

    1. At first I couldn't figure out why 5-6 mile hikes were so tiring, but the trails here are super hilly, so my time on my feet is equivalent to a 12-14 long run. No wonder I was beat!

  2. Also, What's your email? I just saw something that made me think of you, and I want to send it to you!

    1. I'd love to see it!