Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Hansons Marathon Method: Week Four

I'm very pleased to say week four of Hansons was 100% back on plan! Honestly, this week might have been harder than last week, even though I didn't, you know, run a marathon. Running four days straight is still a completely new kind of pain for me to handle. I have to admit that, despite my excitement, I'm still more than a little bit anxious to run six days in a row next week.


Other than some sinus pressure, I have no injuries or ailments to report. But holy hell, how did I used to get through allergy season without my (allergy) shots? A few days this week were maybe 50% of what I used to experience on a daily basis for a month straight, twice a year. And it sucked hardcore. Hopefully whatever is having its weird blooming season and spewing fuzzies into the air at an alarming rate will take a chill pill soon.

Wednesday, June 18

Thursday, June 19
3 mi easy, 10:54 min/mile
core work

My legs felt quite heavy when I started this run, which didn't surprise me. Just as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, I always feel great the first run after a marathon and feel like death the second.

Friday, June 20
3 mi easy, 10:57 min/mile
core work

I went for my run right after some pretty epic rain, but it apparently was not quite epic enough to cut the humidity, so it was sadly surprisingly horrid. But I think I glimpsed a fox! I only saw it at a distance, it was small enough to be a rabbit, but it was bright orange and seemed to be running instead of hopping. I know foxes definitely live in the area, so it's quite possible.

"Good luck trying to identify me from a distance, betch."
Saturday, June 21
5 mi easy, 10:55 min/mile
core work

I lolly-gagged way too long before starting this run after not sleeping particularly well the night before. I always forget the rail trail is only shaded in the evening (yes, I know it makes no sense, but I imagine it always shaded), so I had to run in the direct sun. I did feel a bit dizzy afterwards. Time to start chugging even more water.

Sunday, June 22
5 mi easy, 10:58 min/mile
core work

I had rented 47 Ronin (eh...quite glad I didn't pay to see it in theaters) from Redbox the night before while grocery shopping, and I decided to just return it at another Redbox that was about 2.5 miles from my apartment. People looked at me like I was crazy for running in the middle of the day while carrying a blu-ray disc. A pox on them. All the cool kids literally run their errands.


Monday, June 23
I did get quite a bit of activity this day walking around a warehouse to do inventory (not my normal job by any means). My feet absolutely ached. 

Tuesday, June 24
5 mi easy, 10:57 min/mile
core work

I was stuck running on the hotel treadmill because a) it was so humid outside it felt like soup (Seriously, how does anyone in Texas run? You must be some kind of wizards.) and b) a thunderstorm was raging within a couple mile radius. I had a flexible enough schedule that I was at least able to time my run with World Cup, though of course the storm knocked out the cable for the last two miles. Sad panda. I didn't even get to see the biting!

Do I practice biting others on my long runs? Is it acceptable to take a walk break while doing so?
I also noticed my calves were crampy and achy after what I can only assume was a change in form. I did a bunch of extra stretching, but I'm expecting some soreness tomorrow.

Somehow the end of the "easy" part of this training plan snuck up on me. (Maybe because Tuesday is a weird day to end the week?) My one rest day for week five is tomorrow, and then I will be running six days in a row, with day six being 12x400s on the track. Oy vey.


Honestly though, I'm still pretty pumped. My new dorky mantra has become "do the work." It reminds me that while I'm running on tired legs, that's the entire point of the plan. All the paces so far (well, just the one, really) have been doable, and the challenge is mostly mental. The 400s aren't blazing fast, even for me, so I know I won't be struggling cardio wise from the get-go, which is encouraging. I'm sure I'll be dead at the end, obviously. But that's better than the beginning.

And let's just say, someone is going to be wearing her compression socks around all day tomorrow.

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