Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Hansons Marathon Method: Week Eight

I'm not going to lie, this was the hardest week of training so far, based on how I felt physically. Some coworkers invited me to go to salsa dancing lessons with them Monday, and I said I couldn't because my legs felt done. I have a bit of a reputation as a fuddy duddy at work (when really I'm just the only introvert), so I don't think they believed me, but I honestly think I would've just sat on the floor whimpering in pain if I had tried.


I'm not sure what caused the trouble. I'm holding at around the same mileage I've been at the past two weeks and didn't really do any new workouts. I'm going to blame the heat, because it has certainly come back in full force after our brief flirtation with the polar vortex last week.

At this point I'm counting down the days until fall. I want to be able to sleep in a bit, go for my run mid-morning without melting, and then watch college football on the couch the rest of the day. Just the way God intended.



Not running related, but I decided to watch Prince of Egypt after rediscovering how good the music is. I honestly can't believe my mom let me see it in theaters when I was in elementary school. I totally understand why my only real memory of it was that it was super scary.

1 mi WU
5 mi @ 9:43 min/mile
1 mi CD
7 mi total

I ate my words from last week when I said the tempo run didn't feel that hard. I don't know if it was increased fatigue or what, but my perceived rate of exertion on this run was incredibly high the whole time. I did manage to blast through the last mile at tempo pace, so it was probably more mental than physical.

5 mi easy, 12:02 min/mile
core work

My legs felt pretty wiped on this run. They did loosen up after about three miles.


6 mi easy, 11:01 min/mile
core work

My legs were still tired but significantly better than Friday. I'm really starting to feel the cumulative fatigue, and, boy, is it rough! I know it will be worth it though.

10 min long, 10:30 min/mile

I delayed my run even later than I really should have, and it was still extremely hot and humid out. I was glad to have my new fuel pack with much more capacity, because I was draining water like crazy. I hope this heat training really pays off too!


5 mi easy, 11:59 min/mile
core work

The first mile of this run was awful, but then I settled into my pace. Again, the heat and humidity was absolutely killer. When I was finishing my core work, I noticed how exhausted I felt and thought it didn't bode well for my track workout. Turns out I was right.

1 mi WU
5x1ks (5:28, 5:29, 5:39, 5:46, 5:53) w/ 400 jogs
1 mi CD
6.4 mi total

My goal pace for each repeat was supposed to be 5:24, but I knew right away from the first one that it was not going to happen. I tried not to beat myself up since it was literally 30 degrees hotter for this track workout than last week's. I feel much better when I calculated my average pace for the repeats was still 9:09 min/mile, since I had somehow convinced myself it was over 10 min/mile. I suck at mental math.


Total Miles: 39.4 mi
Total Time: 7:12:04

The hunger monster is finally back in full force. I'm at the point where I'm eating something healthy and filling every two hours, but I'm about ready to gnaw my arm off at about an hour and a half. We just got a new kitchen at work, and it's been so tempting every day to go buy an extra snack. (There are quite a few new healthy options, it's just so expensive I can only justify in extreme situations.)

I'm very being doing really well at eating whole foods, but I think I might have to break down and buy a few processed things just to get more calories in, namely these delicious rice packets that are $1 a pop. I could happily subsist on those. It's weird, but I tend to realize I'm not getting enough calories when I start intensely craving fast food. Maybe my brain knows that it is delicious calorie dense?


I'm also going to start taking my iron supplements again. I've been having some side cramp issues that my doctor once postulated were iron related (they did get better with the supplements, but there were also some confounding variables, so I'm not positive that was it). Hopefully between these two things I will feel noticeably better on my runs.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an entire pantry to eat.

The other 1% I'm considering what I'm currently eating.

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