Friday, November 7, 2014

Five Things Friday - November 7

This week has been a bit crazy over in my world, since work decided to schedule two big projects at the same time. I've been keeping my head afloat and getting much better at saying no to random requests.

Overall, I've felt much calmer than I expected, and I credit a lot of that to actually taking a lunch (how novel!) to work out. Just one short hour away from my desk helps clear my head. I've also really fallen in love with running in the morning. While working late isn't exactly a blasty blast, it's nice not having to stress about fitting in a tough run afterwards. Other than one day, I've been successful at going to bed early enough to get up on time while still feeling rest.

Why did I fall off the wagon one night? I'm glad you asked, because that once again leads me into beginning my Five Things Friday with Tolkien nerdiness!

1. The Desolation of Smaug Extended Edition was released!

I had gotten it with guaranteed delivery, so UPS had to drop it off at my apartment office, which is open until 6. I busted my butt at work and brought my computer home to finish some stuff up so I could pick it up before closing, only to discover they locked up over a half hour early with no warning.

Don't worry, I told my boss I had to work from home in the morning until they opened at 9 (since I wouldn't be off work before 6 until potentially next week), so that I could get it. Wednesday night I dove into the special features and couldn't stop. Let's just say, I know what I'm doing after my long run tomorrow. (And if something can pry me away from college football, you know it's serious business.)

2. The NYC Marathon was on Sunday. (Yes, this list is in order of importance.)

And people wonder why I'm fine skipping this race....
I woke up with plenty of time to settle in for the coverage. I love that our sport was on a major network, but I wish they would show more of the actual race. Ok, I don't want to watch people just run for two hours either, but I don't like how they miss so much action to do their heart-warming story segments. I wish they could maybe do this type of coverage on ABC for all the non-runners and do more extensive race coverage on ESPN2.

I was so thrilled to see how well Meb and Desi did! I try to keep up with how Desi is doing (Rochester is fairly close to where I grew up), so it was awesome to see her finish in the top five.

3. What would you change about your body?

This video has been going viral, so this probably isn't the first time you're seeing it, but I loved it so much I had to share it. My favorite person is actually the older woman at the end who has embraced her changes because they make her, her. This is the same reason I don't feel the need to wear make-up or do anything with my hair. It's not perfect, but that's what I look like, so I don't see I need to worry about it.

4. Winter is coming is here.
Though the weather people can't seem to decide if we'll have a mild winter due to El Nino or another polar vortex.
While running after work Thursday, I noticed some particles flying in the beam of my headlamp. I thought they might be bits of leaves or dirt, but no, I eventually realized it was snow. (Which I much prefer to run in over rain, anyway.) It was still a bit bittersweet. It means the cool, comfortable running temperatures are here, but it also means I'll be back to frantically shoveling my car out of my carport in the mornings - as my neighbor/coworker laughs as he blasts away in his SUV.

5. Pools are creeper magnets.

I'm not sure what it is about pools that attracts strange people, but the force was strong on Tuesday. An older, overweight man in inside underwear without goggles was swimming alone in the lane next to mine. After each lap, he would dunk himself under the water about 20 times. (Side note - is this a real swimming thing I don't know about?) (Second side note - he seemed totally mentally capable, which is what made him creepy.)

I think he was annoyed that he would get sprayed with water when I was doing kick sets and he was doing his bobbing thing. This led him to critiquing my form. I accidentally engaged on the first time because I didn't expect anything bad - big mistake. He then proceeded to tread water at the other end and wait for me to get there to offer more advice. At this point it was frustrating, but nothing more.

However, he then decided to get out of the pool and stand at the end of my lane, and talk to me there. Huge creeper alert. Obviously, there were other swimmers and a lifeguard, so nothing could happen, but if I had been alone, I would've felt pretty scared.

I wish I was less terrified of confrontation and had told him to screw off rather than just ignoring him (which goggles and a swim cap actually make pretty easy, since I can't see or hear all that well to start with). I've practiced my response in my head in case I run into him again. My workouts are a way for me to relax, and I hate having a huge adrenaline rush because some weirdo thinks it's okay to follow me around.

Who's the creepiest person you've encountered while working out?

What's your favorite movie? 

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