Sunday, September 27, 2015

Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon: Week 9

So, it finally happened. After a bunch of fantastic weeks of training - I finally ran into some trouble. At the very least I'm glad it happened this week, during an already scheduled step-back week.

Last spring, I took some time off for illness and then jumped back into training. My hamstrings ended up getting so tight, my quads had to do all the work and in turn got so tight I could no longer run (or even walk without hobbling). I've been foam-rolling most days, adding in some extra therapy with a tennis ball as necessary to try to avoid trashing my quads this training cycle.

However, last week, I noticed some tightness developing. It usually worked itself out less than a mile into my runs and didn't bother me, so I kept training on schedule. There was some tenderness Sunday after my long run, but Monday morning I felt 100%. Unfortunately, Tuesday I was in a lot of pain and made the decision to stop running until it healed. This was so hard for me to do, but I kept remembering how miserable it was last year, and that helped me hold strong.

I added in yoga most days this week, which seemed to help somewhat. Even if it didn't help my quad heal any faster, it really cleaned up my hips and IT bands, which can't hurt! As I write this, I notice a little bit of twinging if I pivot on my right foot without bending my knee, which won't really be something I do when I run, so I plan to start back up tomorrow. I've really missed running!

I think the problem partially stems from running on roads, which means my right foot is hitting ever so slightly higher than my left due to the camber. When I start my new job in two weeks, I plan to do some runs on the Towpath by work, which will be flat. I would prefer to train by my house to keep getting hills in consistently, but it's obviously not worth it if I will get injured. But I also seem to have noticed I hold all my work stress (which is honestly a lot) in my right quad. Hopefully when I leave my current position, that problem will solve itself!

Sunday, September 20

Monday, September 21
5 mi easy (11:02 min/mile)

I went a little too fast for this to feel truly easy, but I had just found out I was getting the job, so I couldn't help but run a little faster with all the adrenaline.

Tuesday, September 22
Yin Yoga for Runners - Hips and Hamstrings

My quad did feel better when I finished, but I really noticed my IT bands felt much better.

Wednesday, September 23
Yin Yoga for Runners - Hips and Hamstrings

Thursday, September 24

I had good intentions of doing a yoga video when I got home, but I got three shots at the allergist (my two allergy shots and my flu shot), so I just sat on the couch with my achy arms instead.

Friday, September 25
Yin Yoga for Runners - Hips and Hamstrings

This practice was slightly abbreviated because Michael's parents came.

Saturday, September 26

I watched football and ate Melt. Very important things to recover.

Run Miles: 5 mi
Yoga Time: 1:46
Total Time: 2:41

As hard as it was, I hope taking this week to rest will pay off. If the pain continues, I might schedule a sports massage to try to dig deep into the problematic tissue. Has anyone else had problems with tight hamstrings leading to tight quads? I'll take any tips!

Fall is finally here, and I'm so excited to get out in this weather and run this week! I've missed it so much, I'm actually tempted to get up and run before work tomorrow, rather than waiting all day. There is 0% chance this will happen, but I still entertained the idea!

I also am to the point I almost need a new pair of running shoes, so I'm hoping to check out a new-to-me running store this week that looks promising. The main chain by us is Fleet Feet, but all the locations seem pretty small and a bit lackluster. Hopefully this place will be a winner. I also have my eye on a Halloween 5K - I am a sucker for fall/winter holiday-themed races, even if it's in name alone, so now is prime time for me to get some scheduled!


  1. It stinks to have to take a week so lightly, but it's better you did that than let yourself continue to hurt!
    I also love holiday themed races! I just signed up for an Octoberfest race in a couple of weeks. I'm really looking forward to it!

    1. Oh man, I'm obviously very jealous of the Oktoberfest race! For some reason Cleveland celebrates Oktoberfest in September (I think to compete with all the Slavic festivals that are also that month...but still strange), so I missed out this year.

  2. I think you were so smart to take a step back from training this week! It's so hard to get ourselves to take time off, but it's so worth it if it keeps us from getting injured further (easier said than done, I know). I bet doing yoga was SO great for helping the tightness!

    1. Yoga feels so good when I haven't done it in awhile - I forgot what it's like to have looser muscles! It's just really hard because it doesn't give me the same high as going for a run.