Thursday, October 1, 2015

Thinking Out Loud 1 - 10/1/15

Happy October, everyone!

As my job change grows ever closer, I'm getting more and more back to my old self. You know, the one that's actually interested in doing things! I had such high hopes for blogging this year and have fallen short, which is not surprising in hindsight, given moving, buying a house, moving to the house, and now switching jobs for the second time in six months. Since my energy is coming back, my goal is to get back on track for the last quarter of the year!

What better way than to try something new and do my first Thinking Out Loud post.

I know the original meme is a dog, but obviously I have to use a cat.
-I absolutely love my allergist! It took me several months and three tries to find one, but it was 100% worth the wait. Besides the shots, the best thing he did was give me a prescription of Prednisone to use on an as-needed basis. Let me tell you, that stuff is powerful, but nothing has ever made me feel so much better when my allergies are really bad. Seriously, I will feel totally normal after I take one. It's sad, but I'm way more excited for fall now that it doesn't make my head feel like it will explode.

-Apparently fall is very rainy in the CLE. I had some coworkers stop by for a chat this morning, and I asked if it was still raining. They were basically like, duh, it is Cleveland in the fall. I love the rain, especially for running, so I'm really excited about this. While it's not like mid-Michigan was a desert, storms had so long to break up as they crossed the state, that we didn't get very many big ones. (Or maybe it was the giant chemical cloud we joked about covering our city.)

-Our lawn is back to looking nice. Over my birthday weekend, we discovered a giant hornet nest (and I mean giant as in the size of a soccer ball) in one of our trees. I held off mowing and weed-whacking the backyard until we could get an exterminator out. I'm sad neither of us were home when they came because I have no idea how they safely removed that thing.

-I'm really looking forward to next week! My last day at my current job is Tuesday, so I have five days to rest and recharge. That will also happen to be one of my two heaviest training weeks, which is a nice coincidence. (Especially because my first week at my new job will be a very welcome step-back week!) I think I will get a massage some time during that time - I just can't decide: relaxing massage or sports massage?

-Once again, I'm way behind on shoe models. My Wave Rider 17s are almost at 400 miles, so I went to buy a new pair online. Only I couldn't find any because the latest model is the 19s. Whoops. I'm excited to check out a new-to-me running store this weekend and try them on. I'm 99% sure I will love them and will fit perfectly in a 7.5, but I always get nervous.

-Michigan State is (still) ranked #2 in football. It's the first time in my lifetime. Because it hasn't happened since 1966. Womp womp.

-I figured out my quad issue, and I'm pissed at myself for not realizing it sooner. Even after a week off, it bothered me Monday, but when I stopped, I realized the pain was originating from my IT band. You know, an issue I've had multiple times before. Luckily, I'm an expert at dealing with it now, so I did a few fire hydrants and woke up 100% Tuesday. Obviously I'm glad I know what's wrong and can treat it, but I'm annoyed I lost a week of training for basically nothing.

-I signed up for a Halloween race - the Dead Sprint 5K! Like I've said previously, I love holiday races, and I'm excited to see how much my marathon training has improved my fitness. I'm pretty nervous I will run a worse time than I did in May (even though all my marathon training was based off that 5K time, and I doubt I've regressed). I'm considering turning my Garmin to just show clock time so that I run based off effort and don't get in my own head.

I really enjoyed doing this brain dump of a post - I hope you guys enjoyed reading it. Sometimes I feel like I don't have very much from my day-to-day non-running life to talk about, but this was a good way to catch up!

Which type of massage would you pick?
Do you have any fun holiday races on the schedule?

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